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BARNES Sainte-Maxime, luxury real estate in the French Riviera

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Prestigious properties in Sainte-Maxime and its surroundings

BARNES Sainte-Maxime office is already a leading player in the luxury real estate market on the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. Covering Sainte-Maxime, Les Issambres and Le Plan-de-la-Tour, our team is composed of consultants who are thoroughly acquainted with the specific characteristics of each of the communes, neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood and sector-by-sector. Which means that we can provide our clients with a precise and detailed valuation of their property based on the local market.

Who are our clients?

BARNES’ reputation and the location of our offices, at 32 avenue Jean Jaurès, in Sainte-Maxime’s centre, close to the marina and the Barrière Casino, attracts a vast French and international clientèle.

Our French clients tend to be from the Paris region drawn by the famous balmy climate of the French Riviera, Côte d’Azur, looking to take advantage of the attractions of Sainte-Maxime, with its vibrant ambiance year-round.

We also receive a large number of demands from British, American and Northern European clients for whom we handle all of the administrative procedures involved in the transaction.

Whatever their nationality, our clients want peace and quiet and discretion, both during their search and from the property itself.

Our high level of expertise and our solid local experience place us in the ideal position to provide our clients with a comprehensive consultancy service.

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